The Six People You Have To Meet | Episode 3

The legendary marketer Dean Jackson did a study once about the timeline it takes consumers to purchase, of all things, faucets. He then applied what he learned to see if it held true across other industries and found that it did.

What did he find?

He found something that could transform your professional practice. By applying Dean Jackson’s findings to what you do as a professional service provider, you can increase your new client engagement rate SIX-fold.

Did you hear that?

You can sign on SIX more new clients for every one client you’re signing on now, once you know what piece of the pie you’re missing.

So let’s dive in:

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    [1:05] About Dean Jackson’s Study: He breaks down the likelihood of every single person who comes into your universe to inquire about what you do into their likelihood that they will become a new client sometime between now and the next 24 months. He found that business owners who focus only on the person ready to buy now are completely overlooking all the value that there is in the long-term. If all you’re looking for is the one person who is ready to hire you today, you are paying attention only to a very small piece of the pie.
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    [4:25] Piece of the Pie No. 1: The Seven People Who Will Never Buy: You don’t know which seven people these are so you can’t avoid their getting onto your list, and they need to be on your list anyway because we know this half exists. (Catch this part of the episode to hear about how to turn one of these people into a “bonus” client.)
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    [6:01] Piece of the Pie No. 2: The One Person Who Will Buy Today: This is where most business owners spend their time and attention. That’s good – it’s needed, but there are so many more qualified prospects beyond this one person who can become your new client as well, hence…
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    [9:26] Piece of the Pie No. 3: The Six People Who Have To Meet: This is the juicy part! We know that eventually these six people WILL be ready to hire someone like you within the next 24 months. But they will not hire you when they are ready if they don’t remember that they met you sometime way back. So you want to help not only the one person who is ready to buy now to get to the finish line of the decision-making process and hire you, but you also want to help the other six people in the decision-making process ultimately get to the finish line and hire you as well. Catch this part where I show you exactly how to do that.


Greg Hickman, Founder & CEO of, Host of Scalable Podcast


I'm excited to see what the future brings because I know I have a system in place to handle a good portion of it. Bonnie and her team are incredibly helpful and I can tell they care about doing a great job and providing really great service. That's huge. I want that!

Kristen Boone

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