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Bonnie Bowles Educate to Engage Podcast
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Bonnie Bowles Educate to Engage Podcast

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I'm on a mission...

Years ago when I made the transition from working in a big law firm into running my own solo practice, I knew there were going to be some bumps in the road. It turns out "I didn't know what I didn't know" – and I made tons of mistakes.

I tried just about everything to make my solo practice succeed.

I read every book and blog post I could find about entrepreneurship, leadership, systems, and team building. And I experimented with dozens of software programs to find the right mix that would work for my small law firm. 

I grew my firm and finally exited to follow my passion — teaching professional service providers the essential strategies to educate, prepare, and engage your prospects to hire you and turn into your raving clients so that you can build the practice of your dreams effectively, efficiently, and with ease.

If you went to graduate school or got a doctorate in a particular field that you love, but you find that running your small practice is running you down, Educate To Engage is for you.

Or if you're promising yourself that this is the week you'll knock out your required billable hours before the weekend but you are secretly wishing you had more control, Educate To Engage is for you.

Or maybe you're getting out of school soon and you're trying to get ahead of your peers by opening up your own small practice right away and you're looking for tips and tricks, Educate To Engage is for you too. 

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