How To Craft Your Perfect Welcome | Episode 2

Your “Perfect Welcome” makes ALL the difference in setting the right tone for your prospects immediately upon scheduling their free consultation.

No more radio silence between the time of scheduling and the time they show up.

Today in this episode, I dive into my “Perfect Welcome” Worksheet – part of my signature three-tier Educate To Engage online training program that has been responsible for generating multi-millions of dollars in revenue and helping me achieve my lifestyle dreams and that of professionals I serve.

Without this, you will suffer the intimidation and worry many feel when holding free consultations where so much is on the line: financial security, affirmation you’re doing the right thing, and the longevity of your professional practice you were so excited to start.

But with this, you will approach each free consultation with the confidence that you are signing up your newest paying client practically upon their arrival. You will transform overwhelmed and underprepared prospects into raving clients just about every time you use it (which could be every single day!).

Let’s get into exactly how to craft your “Perfect Welcome”:

  1. 1
    [2:44] Anatomy of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 01 / Personalized Opening: Begin with the obvious: always reference your prospect’s name. Don’t use an impersonal form letter or email. Your prospect’s favorite word is their name!
  2. 2
    [3:31] Anatomy of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 02 / Affirm Their Great Decision: Immediately following the personalized opening, congratulate them on scheduling with you. Affirm they made the right decision and underscore both the emotional result and the tangible result you’ll give to them as a client.
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    [4:55] Anatomy of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 03 / Give Appointment Details with Emphasis and ClarityFollow with their appointment details in bold or large font, specifically the appointment type, the appointment date (the pretty version of the date), the start time and end time, and the location. Catch this part of the episode for the bonus that you should also add!
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    [8:19] Anatomy of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 04 / Invite Your Prospect To Complete Your Intake Form: For you to hit the ground running at the start of the free consultation, you need a minimum amount of information in advance, otherwise you will be spending 20-30 minutes gathering that in person, which is not a good use of anyone’s time. Invite your prospect to begin the intake form directly from the Perfect Welcome email or include the intake form immediately behind the Perfect Welcome letter if you are sending it by mail.
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    [15:20] Anatomy of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 05 / Give Exact Dates To Abide By: There are two extremely important dates your prospect needs to be aware of: (1) The deadline by which to return the intake form; and (2) the deadline by which they should reschedule if for any reason they can’t make it. Being upfront and clear about these deadlines establishes your professionalism, underscores your value, and conveys that your calendar is sacred and it is a privilege that they have a spot on it.
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    [18:31] Anatomy of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 06 / Close Graciously: In your closing, reiterate briefly everything you have already said, plus add a cheerful THANK YOU that your prospect scheduled with you!
  7. 7
    [19:16] Logistics of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 01 / Sending by Email: The easiest way to send your “Perfect Welcome” is by email. Enable online scheduling and automate the welcome email to go out anytime day or night.
  8. 8
    [20:49] Logistics of Your “Perfect Welcome” / Part 02 / Sending by Mail: If you prefer to send your Perfect Welcome by mail, know the key pieces to include in your mailing.

I'm excited to see what the future brings because I know I have a system in place to handle a good portion of it. Bonnie and her team are incredibly helpful and I can tell they care about doing a great job and providing really great service. That's huge. I want that!

Kristen Boone

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Through her signature course, the Educate To Engage Program, Bonnie teaches and inspires professional service providers to build a practice that serves them, not the other way around.

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