Episode 7: The 20-Mile March

Today’s lesson ties in a fascinating historical account about the South Pole that, believe it or not, has an impact on your professional practice.

If you know me, you might’ve heard by now that I love reading about Mt. Everest history.

There is something that attracts me to stories about pushing your limits in an unforgiving environment for a goal you crave. And while I love Mt. Everest, I’m also fascinated by other extreme places on Earth and how people have pushed their personal limits to get there, such as the South Pole.

As I share this story with you, keep in mind the important point here is about the journey, in this case to the South Pole. Translated to your life today, this story is about the journey to accomplishing your goals.

The “20-mile march” is all about the race to the South Pole by two very different expeditions, and how one’s experience led to triumph and the other to defeat. The phrase was coined, by the way, by Jim Collins in his book Great By Choice.

Let’s jump to the key pieces of the story:

  1. 1
    [02:15] The start of the race to the South Pole...
  2. 2
    [03:23] The juxtaposing approaches by the British expedition, led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and the Norwegian expedition led by Roald Amundsen…
  3. 3

    [04:30] The expedition that won the race…

  4. 4
    [04:51] Bringing the 20-mile march lesson to your world…
  5. 5

    [06:57] Captain Scott’s last words...

  6. 6
    [07:49] The takeaway for you...

Ultimately, you want to be on the 20-mile march. You want to win. Listen to today’s episode on exactly how to do that.


20-Mile March concept laid out in Great By Choice by Jim Collins: https://www.jimcollins.com/concepts/twenty-mile-march.html


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