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Hi, I’m Bonnie.

I teach professional service providers the essential strategies to educate, prepare, and engage your prospects to hire you and turn into your raving clients so that you can build the practice of your dreams effectively, efficiently, and with ease.

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BUILD rapport STARTING day one
You know you are qualified, capable, and the best in your field. Do your prospects know the same? They are not mind readers and will not understand why they should choose you, what makes you different, and how you can help them – unless you tell them with your “Perfect Welcome.”

Using the Educate To Engage model in her own practice, Bonnie has...

Educated over 500 attendees at 91 live seminars, generating  $1.5M+ revenue
Educated over 400 attendees on 47 live webinars, generating  $1M+ revenue
Educated over 300 attendees on her powerful on-demand webinar, generating  $.5M+ revenue

Through her signature course, the Educate To Engage Program, Bonnie teaches and inspires professional service providers to build a practice that serves them, not the other way around.

With her own experience in the trenches as a professional service provider trying to build a successful practice, Bonnie proves that by embracing education of prospects before the free consultation, professionals can bypass years of cash flow problems and hamster-wheel frustration. Instead of practical radio silence between the time of scheduling and the time their prospect shows up, professionals can leverage a proven system to educate prospects in advance, transforming them into raving clients just about every single time they use it.

Check out Bonnie’s message reserved exclusively for professional service providers who want to streamline the process to turn prospects into raving clients, and who want to move closer to a business that grows faster than ever without adding more hours to their work schedule...

I have had a fabulous experience with Bonnie! I can't say enough. You know your stuff, you are responsive, a pleasure to deal with, and so, so knowledgeable. You and your team are coaches, educators, and cheerleaders.

Angela Hayden – Attorney & Coach

Bonnie’s team is incredibly helpful and I can tell they all care about doing a great job and providing really great service. THAT’S HUGE.

Kristen Boone – Attorney

I wanted my law practice to push past fulfilling hobby to making real money. Bonnie is amazing at answering questions and her team have been really helpful and responsive.

Rebecca Begelman Strub – Attorney

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